Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Theosophic Life - Annie Besant

This blog, 'The Theosophic Life', has been inspired by the little book by the same name by Annie Besant. It was originally published as an article in The Theosophist in March 1909.
Annie Besant
The book The Theosophic Life has two chapters, 'Reincarnation' and 'Karma: A Continuing Creation'. From the chapter on 'Karma' Annie Besant describes what is the Theosophic Life:

The Theosophic Life must be a life of service. Unless we are serving, we have no right to live. We live by the constant sacrifice of other lives on every side, and we must pay it back; otherwise, to use an ancient phrase, we are but thieves and do not repay the gift. Service is the great illuminator. The more we serve the wiser we become, for we learn wisdom not by studying but by living.
Such a simple message and so profound in effect.
Another point that struck me years ago when I read it and put into practice was about the fact that where we find ourselves in this moment is the best place for us to be: wise is the Good Law, the circumstances round you are the very best that the wisdom of an archangel could plan for your growth and unfolding. The peace that that knowledge brings to life it is impossible to describe. All fretting vanishes, all worrying ceases to be, anxiety for something different no longer gnaws at the heart. A complete, absolute, perfect content comes down upon the soul, and in that content the lesson of the trying environment has been learned, and it will gradually modify itself.
It is my intention through this blog to share the insights and inspirations of Theosophical principles and how we can apply it in daily life.
 Watch this space!! Comments and suggestions are most welcome!

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